Saturday, June 30, 2007

Days 99 and 100 (Friday and Saturday): Renewal!

You've heard the expression that "every day is a gift." Well, today I particularly sense that. And I've got a couple of reasons why: Reason One: I've had a wonderful shift in attitude from being down on myself for not accomplishing FAST enough what I've wanted (weight-wise). Along this line, for the last week or so, I'd found myself in a bit of a negative spiral concerning some upcoming plans I have made. But after some rethinking and some prayer, I've returned to that thoroughly positive place I HAD been residing in for months now, and by making one decision I feel renewed and encouraged to "keep on keeping on" -- a phrase that seems to have become my personal mantra lately.

Reason Two: The decision I'm talking about was to join Karen Knowler's "30 Days to Raw," an online coaching/group support thingy that has given me a renewed "shot in the arm" to keep on my raw food path with joy. Joy is the key for me!

You can find out more about it by clicking on the logo up top on the right that says, "Want To Go Raw But Don't Know Where to Start?"

Karen Knowler will be coaching us via live, weekly phone calls/podcasts with all of us participating in the "30 Days to Raw" group, as well as offering support through daily emails and a group chat room and bulletin board. We had our first call on Thursday for 90 minutes, and it was terrific. She's a wealth of info and wisdom, someone who genuinely has the interests of each person at heart and freely shares years of learning in such a way that you feel you are in her living room and being treated as a welcome friend. You will get that sense as you spend time on her website as well. If you scroll down to earlier blog entries of mine, you can watch some of Karen's "uncooking" videos I posted a few weeks ago.

Reason 2: Besides a bunch of good things I've already experienced since becoming part of the "30 Days to Raw" group, an email from Karen just this morning has encouraged me even further. Karen emailed the group (it's a good number of people -- just about 20 of us) to check out her blog, where she wrote about a guy named Markus Rothkrantz.

  • Karen Knowler, The Raw Food Coach

  • If you have interest in incorporating more raw foods (fruits and vegetables) into your diet, getting healthier, fitter and and just feeling "your old self again" or "years younger," you may want to check out Markus' website. It's a bit dramatic and a tad "over the top" in parts -- but, hey, the guy works in Vegas, what would you expect?

    But he has one info page called Getting On With It that is worth its weight in GOLD. So don't be put off by the razzle-dazzle of his website.

  • GoRawNow

  • If you read nothing else ever again about raw foods, blah, blah, blah -- read "Getting On With It." I've been researching this way of eating/living for over two years (and only practically living it for the last three months) -- and I don't think I've ever come across a more SIMPLE PRESENTATION on one page than Markus presents here as to how to tap into the blessings of life that God's provided for all of us on this earth. (As usual ... things that are the most simple, usually are the most true.) There is enough on this one page to positively affect most anyone . . . and to encourage anyone who may be struggling with ill health or excess weight or loss of vitality, etc. that there IS help for them and a way through the morass and maze (more like gauntlet) of diet industry gimmicks, medical disinformation, and pharmaceutical/corporate propaganda that's out there.

  • Getting On With It

  • Well, talking about what I ate yesterday and today will have to wait for later, as I must catch the daylight and get away from this computer for a while. Besides ... there's so much cool stuff on these links, who wants to read about what I ate?


    ~Anastazia~ said...

    I've been enjoying reading your blog, & wanted to thank you for sharing so much, & so many great links!
    Your commitment & perseverance is inspiring! The weight hasn't been coming off for me as fast as I'd like, either, but know that pressing on is the only solution, tweaking things along the way!
    I just committed to Alissa's 30 day challenge at Raw Food Talk, are you a member there? I've been so encouraged by all that's on the message boards!
    Renewal is an excellent focus!
    Keep goin'!

    Naomi said...


    Thanks so much for your encouragement. It really is about just keepin' on. As long as I'm going DOWN in weight -- whether that be one pound a week or 4 or 5 -- I am heading in the right direction! It did not take me even one year to become unfit, weight wise, so why be discouraged if I do not regain my fitness in three months! It's ludicrous, really. It's the faithful going forward -- and loving myself and my body by giving it what it needs -- not what it doesn't need -- that is what's important.

    Your 30-day challenge at Raw Food Talk sounds terrific. What I've seen in doing my 30-day coaching group is that I need to stay gentle with myself, approaching the new changes in eating and exercise with joy and patience. See myself in my mind's eye where I WILL be a year from now -- and take consistent action to arrive there. Joy is the key, though. And childlike play. If I keep seeing these changes I'm making in food choices and exercise as a "new adventure," the joy remains.

    All the best on your road back to your best self!