Thursday, April 5, 2007

Day 14 - Two Weeks Down, Easy-Peas-y

Well, I'm proud of myself ... I've gone two whole weeks eating mostly "live" food and haven't even had a slice of bread, the staple "comfort food" of my life. I'm stunned. I don't miss it as much as I thought. Haven't had a piece of chicken in two weeks either, amazing in itself because I had chicken in some form or other (either in a salad or baked or roasted) just about every day! What is comforting, though, is that I've skipped two weeks of poisoning myself with drug-injected, often diseased birds, as chicken farming, in general, is appallingly gross!

According to the linked site below, "There are no Federal laws regulating poultry raising, transport, or slaughter in the United States or Canada." That seems almost impossible, but I wouldn't doubt it. If we don't care a fig that our government is responsible for the deaths of thousands of Iraqi families, why would we care that they're letting millions of chickens be tortured from birth to slaughter?

Those with a sqeamish disposition may want to skip this link.

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  • I continue to have glassy eyes, and the whites are a bit greyish still. Seeing some scaley dry patches popping out on my arms and legs, but I chalk that up to what's going on internally as I shift from mainly cooked foods to uncooked. What's inside must come out, as they say.

    The nicest surprise I've had is a stronger sense of calm and peace. I feel as if I'm moving in slow motion sometime, it's that noticeable. Another interesting thing is that my "judgments" of people seem to be less, and my patience level has increased. I feel a bit "spacey" at times still, and can only assume it's my body adjusting to the added nourishment.

    Tomorrow I took a "personal day" off from work (if we don't use them we lose them). Good Friday is always a good reason as they're designed to be used for personal religious reasons, family emergencies, etc. I have a ton of chores and cleaning to do -- my apartment has been sorely neglected as I've been mucho tired in the evenings and don't want to do a thing but relax! I'm breaking out the bicycle too ... hope the rain lifts.

    Just finished the book, "Blatent Raw Foodist Propaganda" and it was excellent. I'm now reading "The 80/10/10 Diet" which came highly recommended by the owner of High Vibe, a raw/vegan shop in NYC.

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