Thursday, May 3, 2007

Day 43 (Thursday): Spring, Glorious Spring!

Well today I took a nice long stroll in Manhattan at lunch time because it was absolutely gorgeous out ... blazing sun, crisp, clear air (yes, even in NYC) and temps in the low 60's. A perfect day. I ended up soaking up the sun for about 10 minutes on a bench near some lovely flowers. I closed my eyes and saw myself running through fields (like the one pictured to the right of this print) ... I saw myself swimming in the lake near our house, surrounded by evergreen trees, I saw myself floating in the ocean at Lanikai Beach ... I was anywhere BUT Manhattan in those brief, glorious ten minutes. Amazing, the mind ... it can take us anywhere we want to go.

So... to the mundane food recital. Ate two small bananas on the train into work; at about 10:30 I had my greens juice (with an extra cucumber and celery). I decided to have my cooked veggies (recommended to slow down detox process by my hydrotherapist) at lunch today rather than dinner, so I had some roasted veggies on a bed of 3-grain couscous from the caff here at work. I'll have a large salad for dinner w/ a smooth avacado and lemon dressing.

I just printed out three new recipes and hopefully will try at least one of them over the weekend.

Today is very mellow ... and I'm in a really peaceful place. Word is that we'll have this divine kind of weather for the next three days. I'm glad because I intend to do some heavy-duty spring cleaning this weekend and this way, I can use the outdoor deck as my base, where I plan to set up three large bins: give away, throw away, keep. When they're filled up, I'll set up another three bins, etc. I won't get it all done this weekend, but it'll be a good start, I hope. (Actually, I think I'll need about four full weekends to accomplish the cleaning and sorting of junk that I'd like!)

Well this is even boring me to tears ... I'm off to the train.