Saturday, May 26, 2007

Day 66 (Saturday): Summer in Springtime

Please, oh please, don't tell me that this glorious spring has just melded into 90-degree summer days! Arrrrrgh. C'est l'avie.

This morning I whipped up some fresh quacamole (to keep three avocados from going bad) and put it away for lunch. I'm about to make a mango, kiwi, pineapple smoothie for breakfast ... garnished with some fresh organic strawberries (half the size of "normal" ones from the grocers which are hybridized out and huge). I was to go to a barbeque later this afternoon for everyone in my adoption support group -- but I'm not sure I'm up for it. I have tons of things I want to accomplish around my place -- not the least of which is going through my belongings and sorting things into three bins as I go:

Throw Away
Give Away
Sell at Tag Sale

I have been overwhelmed with a desire as of late -- just in the last couple of days -- to STREAMLINE my life and to make it very, very simple. That means getting rid of loads of stuff, including extras of all things -- including shoes, skirts, pants, jackets, blouses, tops, (and even undies) ... and pots, pans, dishes, glassware, CDs, videos, books -- BOOKS -- B O O K S -- ! etc., etc. In other words, anything I have more of than I actually NEED.

(Ahh, toiletries just came to mind. I have enough stuff to stay moisturized into the next century!)

I want to go into "mother earth mode" and have as few possessions as I absolutely will be content with. I've done this a couple of other times in life, and the surprising thing is realizing how amazingly content one can be with very little. Well, at least this one.

So that's my mission for Memorial Day Weekend -- Amerika's kick-off for sum-sum-summer time. I will not accomplish it all this weekend, but I'll get a huge running start!

I read Angela Stokes blog the other day and realized how free she must be living so simply and traveling from place to place with near zero possessions -- seeing amazing places and meeting all kinds of people. I envied her a wee bit. She is just 28 ... and I did in my 20's have plenty of years wandering the country and living simply and contentedly. Yet there is something I am feeling a yearning to get "back to" ... and that is a sense of freedom that comes from having as little as possible with which one is totally content.

  • Scroll Down to Angela Stokes' 19 May Blog Entry

  • Off to simplify my life.

    Day 65 (Friday): Two steps forward -- a half step back

    Today was interesting ... I skipped my green juice in the morning and instead had a banana; for lunch I actually had a sandwich ... onion roll with roast veggies and a slice of munster cheese -- a huge deviation from my normal routine these days (of mostly raw salads). I figured once in a blue moon, the cooked food I have could be bread and/or cheese. Big mistake. The amount of reflux it caused was amazing ... I really notice now how much cooked food miscombined affects one's bod. It's my body that tells me the combination is not good.) Then for dinner I just had a craving for something more substantial, so I got a taco salad with chilli at Wendy's!

    All in all -- it was a bust day (with the exception of that lone banana). But I refuse to beat myself up in any way. When I do that, things invariably head downhill.

    So, for today, I'll be thankful for each new sunrise -- with zero regrets.