Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Day 42 (Wednesday): Good Day!

This will be brief, as I'm running out the door to catch a train ... but today was great in that I started it off well with a mineral-packed green juice (very little carrot, as I'm minimizing those and beets for a while). In the late morning I had two "raw" bars (all kinds of nuts, seeds and some raw cacao).

This afternoon I had my weekly colonic (second in a series of approximately 10) and that was no pleasure. However, just knowing the cleansing effect it is having on my overall physical body is encouraging and makes me realize just how serious I finally am about getting back the body I want -- both inside and out. I'm sorta seeing myself as the masterpiece that lies "within" the block of exquisite marble that the master sculptor chips away to reveal. The beauty isn't revealed until that which is not needed is removed. With my inner eye I am seeing the beauty already.

Tonight I'll have a large salad and perhaps some broiled fish ... haven't decided yet; but I'll have some cooked food, as it'll actually aid in my body detoxing better. Sounds contradictory, but it has to do with not letting the body be too "shocked" by an over abundance of living, raw food when it has not been accustomed to processing so much of it. Moderation is key, so I'm learning.

Off to the train.