Monday, January 12, 2009

Following Up on this Theme of Personal Responsibility

I've found in my life at times that the truth of "personal responsibility" has sometimes been used as a self-defeating weapon ... a concept that becomes a guilt-inducing thing (such as, "Wow, how can I have NOT gotten healthy all these years? I've had sooo much time to do this!" And, "No one can do it but me. What's WRONG with me that I haven't done this yet?" etc.) I've made myself personally responsible alright -- but not in a good way -- certainly not in a way that helped me get any closer to a return to fitness!

I found another helpful thing on Phil McCluskey's website that I want to share today, along this line of personal responsibility -- but from the positive view. It's called "Five Steps for Transformation" and can be found

  • HERE

    One particular quote really grabbed me. Phil wrote: "I spoke to one of the trainers at the gym about the best time to come, when it wasn’t so busy and more machines would be available. He let me know that anytime during work hours would be fine, now that January was over. I asked him why that was. He said, 'Well everyone is done making their attempt at actually following through on their New Year's resolution of getting back in shape, and it won’t be busy like that again until next year'."

    I do not want to be one of those New Year's statistics at the end of this month. And I won't. I'm heading down to Pure Food & Wine Take Out right now. Sometimes we need that added "boost" of really deliciously-prepared living food . . . to remind us to 'keep on keepin' on' . . . veggie "lasagne" it will be! Maybe a seaweed salad too (gotta keep helping along that stubborn little thyroid glandy thing I've got goin' on. I keep picturing that little, but powerful, thing HEALED!)

    Thanks, Phil, for the continued inspiration. :-)