Friday, August 15, 2008

My Progress With "Raw Foods"

This blog started out to document all my ups and downs as I move closer and closer to a healthier and more fit me. But it now seems to have become a sort of stream-of-consciousness thing that covers many areas of life ... including my pet projects, interests, performance artists, causes, other raw foodies' cool insights and stuff, etc.

In addition to this blog, though, I've been keeping another (under wraps, so to speak) where I document much more specific things about my progress on this raw food journey. It's a more personal and specific daily journal -- different to this blog -- where I write details around the food I'm eating, my exercise routine, and the emotional and spiritual breakthroughs I'm having. I'm tweaking that blog ... probably will revise the present format a bit ... and plan to make it public once I hit my goal weight and measurements, complete w/ before-and-after photos for dramatic effect.

We're all works in progress ... and 2008 has proved to be an amazing year of dramatic change for me ... one of the most challenging of my life and yet one of the best! Go figure. Hopefully, when the other blog goes up, it could help others see that they too can come back from the brink, and turn around years of self-sabotaging thoughts and actions. For me it's got a lot to do with living in the now. Living in the present. For life ... everyone's life ... is always happening in the now, in this very moment. Stay tuned.

I used to have a friend (he no longer is, but I still recall a lot of his wisdom) who often expressed that I needed to leave the past behind. Well everyone's journey is different ... and for me there was a GREAT deal of mourning I had to slog through and get over and past and around before I could heed his most excellent advice. But now I hear his words ringing loud and true in my heart ... and can say with joy that the painful parts of my life past are no longer worth my time to consider. They have fallen away from me like some dirty old clothes might joyfully be discarded for new ones. NOW is all that has value to me!

Until next time.