Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Day 13 - Greenwich Village in the Rain

Today was low-key and mellow for me ... felt the bluesy blahs occasionally again. Had two bananas in the morning, large salad for lunch of mainly raw veggies on a bed of mixed mesclun greens, along with some slightly cooked broccoli, chick peas, and some cold bow-tie pasta salad with black olives. Glad I have a terrific cafeteria right at work to get fresh salad every day. (I'm going to start bringing my own from home next week, though, to save some money.)

For dinner (at 10:30 p.m. ... ugh) I had some lentil/walnut pate on flax crackers, a few baked wheat crackers, and satisfied a sweet tooth with some date/nut balls and a raw granola crunch bar. (This pate wasn't all raw ... but my goal is not 100% raw at this time. It is to eat more and more raw foods, and as my body gets more accustomed to that, I think the percentage will just slowly go up.)

Tonight I attended a book signing of my former therapist (now friend), Carol Schaefer, in Greenwich Village and listened to a special guest speaker, one of the women featured in Carol's book,

  • Grandmothers Counsel the World

  • The Village is lost in time -- so many middle-aged hippies there! There was a smattering of GenX "hippies" too, and some tweedy university types as well. Afterwards, I asked the 'indigenous grandmother,' who was the guest speaker, to autograph my book ... and found myself saying an odd prayer as she was about to write: that God might speak through her to me. (Like I said, it was an odd prayer.) At any rate, she wrote: "Walk in beauty, Naomi. Help us to make good medicine for our world."

    Who knows? Maybe telling the story of my on-going physical transformation through living food is 'good medicine for our world.' It was worth the trip downtown -- despite the pouring rain.