Sunday, April 29, 2007

Day 39 (Sunday): From the Deep Forest to Canal Street ... from peace to chaos!

Sunday was a day of contrasts. My morning started out great ... got to connect with a good friend unexpectedly; as soon as that conversation was over, I headed into the City on a mission. My dear friend's son was injured by a gang of thuggy kids the night before, and we had to pick him up from a friend's home. (Thankfully, her son is okay, given a release by the emergency room doc. He had some bad bruising and a mild concussion.) I drove my friend so as to give her a chance to "decompress" a bit. The contrast of where we live -- on a beautiful park-like piece of property complete with weeping willow and babbling stream -- to Canal Street in lower Manhattan where we ended up at the end of the day is stark, to say the least. Just driving in lower Manhattan can add gray hairs to one's head. There must have been a gazillion "shoppers" out and about, and the traffic was bumper to bumper. Oy vay, as my buddy would say!

I managed to eat fairly well, despite the weird flow of the day. Had a banana and a tangerine in the morning and some brown-rice California nori roll for lunch. For dinner I had my old stand-by, summer squash "angel hair pasta" w/ pesto sauce made with fresh basil and pignoli nuts (pinenuts). All in all, a good day.