Monday, April 23, 2007

Day 33 (Monday): Thanksgiving

I'm feeling very thankful today. Maybe the sun-drenched morning has something to do with that. (I was really sick of cold, rainy, sun-less days. Weather doesn't tend to get to me, but for some reason this year my tolerance for inclement weather was low. Perhaps it was my eagerness to begin this health adventure that's made me long for sun?)

Anyway, found myself being thankful for the little things (which aren't so little, really) -- you know, stuff like legs that work, arms that swing the right way when I walk, eyesight, hearing, etc. Then I found myself drifting in thought to being glad I'm on a healing path that's just right for me. Seems we all have to find what works best for us as individuals, and I'm on the right path for me ... so I'm glad.

This morning I had about five or six strawberries in my car driving to the station. At 11:30 a.m., I broke out a container of cantelope (I chopped up a whole cantelope last night so I could bring it to work) and ate it all in about a half hour! Dee-lish.

I'm heading out for a walk in mid-town Manhattan (hardly a peaceful sort of neighborhood) and will stop at Bunchberries for a veggie/salad lunch, and finish Norman Walker's Become Younger. His basic teachings are grounding me well, I think. He's simple and clear. To paraphrase, "Real food, designed for humans, grows from the earth; eat it."

More later.