Monday, June 18, 2007

Day 89 (Monday): What the World Eats

Today I received this in an email and I thought it was great to add to this blog. Check it out ... the one thing I noticed in almost all the photos of the familes from around the world -- they all had SODA as part of their diets. Eeek! Probably one of the worse things one could put into a body.

  • What the World Eats

  • Today for breakfast I had a banana and an orange. For lunch I had a large salad with some roasted cauliflower and eggplant and a medium sized scalion pancake. It was very filling. This evening I'll probably have a nice bowl of berries with some banana cream on top.

    I'm off to have some WATER. I keep forgetting to drink the stuff! And it's soo important for cleaning out one's bod. Oh well.

    Almost time to catch the train home. Going to get to sleep early tonight -- I feel exhausted.

    Days 87 and 88 (Saturday & Sunday):

    The weekend was a good one for eating "mainly raw" foods. On Saturday I had some fresh fruit (sliced peaches and a banana) for breakfast and skipped lunch because I was going to a buffet dinner party for my cousin in the early evening. On the way there I picked up some organic mesclun greens and some angel-hair-"pasta"-sliced zucchini and yellow summer squash. I bought some fresh pesto and mixed it into the veggie "pasta." For appetiser, I had a couple chunks of fresh cheese and couple of crackers. For the main meal, I mixed some roasted veggies from the buffet and put it atop my salad. I had a cup of coffee and skipped desert. I was so proud of myself!

    Sunday was a good day too. I had a fruit smoothie for breakfast; for lunch I made a few nori wraps (raw nori sheets filled with a pate spread made from nuts and fresh basil, some fresh salad greens sprinkled on top with tomatoes and rolled up like suchi). Those were delicious. I'm trying to get more and more sea vegetables into my diet to help counter-balance my out-of-wack thyroid (rather than go the drug route). For dinner I had fresh tabouli and a few thai veggie spring rolls. I made a peach "pie" for dessert (peach puree poured into a crust of crushed almonds and filberts blended together with a few dates to hold it in place). I topped it with a banana cream made from frozen bananas. It was just ok. Nothing to write home about. I wouldn't make it again. The crust tasted yukky. I'm finding out what works and what doesn't work as far as having a nice balance of good taste and good nutrition.

    Been feeling very tired lately ... don't know if it's my bod working overtime detoxing or what. Maybe it's the shifting from spring into summer. My body always seems to need more sleep around the change of seasons. I've noticed that over the years. Tomorrow is a hydrotherapy appointment so it'll be green juices all day and probably a bowl of sliced, mixed fruit for dinner. All raw -- all organic. For the money I'm paying for these colonics it is worth it to stay strict on the days I have them ... to get the maximum benefit re detoxing. It's probably one of the most un-talked-about subject one could bring up, but at the same time one of the most vital to all of us. The metabolism is affected the most by what does NOT leave our bodies (as opposed to what goes into our bodies). From all I've been reading, etc., it seems that the more one eats healthier "living" (as opposed to cooked) foods, the more toxins the cells release. If those toxins are not removed speedily, all of one's organs, as well as the bloodstream, are affected, and most importantly the metabolism becomes sluggish and does not break down the things it should be breaking down -- like nutrients in the intestines for proper assimilation, fat cells throughout the body for proper elimination, etc.

    Enough of this exciting stuff ... I just need to write about it to remind myself WHY I'm doing what I'm doing. After all, colonics are not a walk in the park. This getting healthy is hard work. But I didn't get unhealthy overnight ... and so I keep on keeping on. And I keep a clear mind picture of how I will look and feel when I'm at my target goal, my optimum level of physical fitness. It's a great mind picture, and it's one of the tools I use to stay on my personal path back to fitness.

    I recall the first entry to this blog -- that I was "going back 30 years" ... and endeavoring to get back a good deal of the same stamina and fitness I had then. I believe it is possible.