Monday, April 30, 2007

Day 40 (Monday): "Ever grateful for the gifts of health..."

I got today's entry mainly from Jinjee (a beautiful mother of four all-vegan children). She has a hippie heart if I ever saw one ... loves nature, plays several musical instruments and has a truth-seeker's spirit. (I've read her journals for a couple of years now). Here's what she wrote today:

"I was reading this month's issue of Pear Magazine in which Scott Jackson shares how he lost 110 lbs. on the raw diet. He said that you need to create a really big "why", a reason for going raw or for losing weight that will really motivate you and keep you focused. Once you have the "why" the "how" sort of takes care of itself. Desire is the key. I really want to take my diet to a higher level, cut out all cheating, do more green juices and green smoothies, and cut down on the amount of food I eat. I know it will give me more energy as I've experienced this many times over the years for weeks or months at a time. So I have been thinking about creating a really big "why" to help me to move along my path in this direction towards ever increasing health. Yesterday I was inspired to write this below piece, called "When you are truly healthy...." and I think I'm going to use this as my "why"!

(Until I sit down and write out my own BIG WHY, I'm using hers for now, as it covers things that mean a lot to me as well. I've printed it out and will be reading it each morning as I walk. I left her exclamation points in just as she wrote them).

"When you are truly healthy, you are magnetic! When you are truly healthy you radiate! When you are truly healthy you attract your dreams to you! When you are truly healthy you have so much energy to give, share, and live an amazing life! You attract your mission. You are poised and ready to do the unique work you were meant for! You move forward at the speed of light! You are accelerated! You are living at the speed of life!!! When you are truly healthy you feel so good, look so good, and love the feeling of moving in your body.

The real you is able to come out, to shine, your light is shining so bright it is like a gift to the world. You are relaxed and stress-free, your thoughts are positive and loving, your personality is balanced. You are at peace. You are a tool of the angels. You are enjoying each and every moment. You are truly alive!!! You are truly grateful for each thing, person, place, breath, experience, and moment that comes your way. When you are truly healthy, every moment is a prayer, connected.

When you are truly healthy, your presence becomes a healing force. When you are truly healthy your eyes sparkle, shine, glow and dance! When you are truly healthy your family life is harmonious, your relationships are vibrant and exciting. Your mind is clear, your ability to make decisions is sure, you are confident, you are filled with grace. You are a channel for the well-being and joy and magic of the Universe to flow through you! All is well within you and without. You are tapped in to the perfection in all things.

And how can we be truly healthy? Do everything that you already know how to do to be healthy. Eat the highest way you know of, and do the other things that you know contribute to health. You’ll become more in tune and you’ll get more knowledge, messages and guidance of how to take your health to higher and higher levels. Be sincere in your seeking of health. But do not be hard on yourself. Seek to be true. Be ever more true. Be ever more solid in your resolve. Be ever stronger in your ability to resist going off your path. Be ever more grateful for the gifts of health. Be ever more protective and safeguarding of these gifts of health. Use your health to give back, to share, to give to someone, to give energy to your children, to create something of beauty. And you’ll be given greater health yet."

Today has been going very well; I had a buttered roll this morning (ran out of my fruit stash!) For lunch I had a large salad, 90% raw veggies, with a bit of pasta salad, chick peas and a few roasted vegges. I'll be stopping on the way home at the juicer's and getting a power scrub veggie juice to sip on the train ride home (just feel I NEED some concentrated greens) and for dinner I'll have a strawberry/banana smoothie. Yum. It'll be like having dessert for dinner. And it'll be light too.

... "ever grateful for the gifts of health" ... I'm off to the juicers.