Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Every day ... a little closer to becoming an "official" Irish citizen!

There's a year-long backlog, beyond the usual 8 to 10 months, before I'm granted citizenship -- according to the Irish Consulate's latest word. (I think it's because New York has the most Irish Americans in the country; Boston is second.) Ugh. But when I'm granted the official status of Irish citizen, it's off to Castlebar ... County Mayo here I come!

I haven't a clue who the guy is in this next video, but I fell in love with the woman's voice who opens the video (part of an all-female group "Liadan"). The Gaelic is beautiful. Listening to her voice I have the same sense I had when my grandfather would recite Irish poetry to me and sing his songs w/ tears in his eyes. The rest of the video is a mish-mosh but with some nice tin whistle and guitar.