Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Day 91 (Wednesday): Transition Day ... Another 90-day Quarter Begins

Well today I'm simply going to consider a transition day, as I ate very little raw food -- and mostly processed stuff! Tonight is my appointment with my hydrotherapist and so I am seeing this evening as the beginning of a new 90-day quarter. I say "quarter" as I've decided to keep this diary for a full year -- to see just how much my life (and body) change over that period. I expect it to be a radical change. Weight-wise I've dropped 20 pounds -- a drop in the bucket of what I'd like, and health-wise, need to lose. (Like I said, I want to be the weight I was at age 23.) I don't know how realistic that will ultimately prove to be -- but it is my goal.

I started out not having a weight goal, but as I'm noticing subtle changes in my body, I've decided to set some specific goals for year's end. At least it gives me something to shoot for and to see in my mind's eye as achieving. I figure if I consistently and lovingly give my body what God created it to live on (healthy food and water) and do the things it needs to be its best (exercise, sleep, ... and prayer!), then why could I NOT have the kind of body I had as a younger woman? Besides, I want to do that walk across England -- and it's 190 miles from sea to shining sea!

So I'm off for my hydro -- such an exciting life I lead! :-)