Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Day 2: September 19, 2007

  • Photo: Springtime in Devonshire (by Jody Miller)

  • I went to The Google ... ah ... ah, The Internets today (the above is a Chimpy inside joke) for the videos posted below because since returning from England I have found myself inexplicably drawn to and succumbing to eating the most damaging foods possible: meat, sugar and white flour!

    I could analyze into oblivion the reasons, but it would be pointless. I figure all I have is this moment. All I have is now, so rather than waste a moment in the past, I'll simply go forward on this raw food/get fit adventure. My month-long vacation in England sort of threw me a bit off my stride, I think, but I'm now back on track. For me, this road to fitness meanders a bit, but it's leading me back to myself, so I just keep on keeping on. "Back to myself" in the sense that it's gradually unveiling the me that's already there, yet still under some layers of "protective clothing" in the form of fat! I'd prefer a Gortex jacket for protective clothing from now on!

    If you can bear with the corniness factor, check out these wacky "Meatrix" videos. I remember seeing the first one a couple of years ago when I started all my research in earnest on garbage food, or "faux food" (and its relationship to obesity specifically) ... before realizing that this fake food is actually the single, most definitive cause of EVERY illness man endures! I say "fake" because one usually expects food to nurture. But faux food does the exact opposite. Maybe a better term then would be fraud food (?)!

    I'm posting these videos, as corny as they are, because I think eating mass-produced cooked meats and dairy is the No. 1 cause of disease, yet is so insideously hard to get away from because we have grown dependent on and addicted to its taste, as it is all pervasive in our cultures. It represents comfort, safety, home & hearth and a zillion other things! I'm also posting the videos to remind and reinvigorate myself about the REALITIES of agri-business farms in general so that I re-commit to steering clear of what is grown on them (pun intended)! Faux food isn't limited to just meat and dairy though. It's stuff we've thought is real food but isn't: any food tainted by man in some way; any food that grows naturally but that man then "processes" (messes up) with heat and chemical additives.

    Guess I'll be getting rid of that big ole Italian meatball sitting in my fridge just screaming out to be microwaved and slopped up with some white Italian bread! Yup. That will be my ritual kickoff tonight when I get home from work. I'll give it a proper burial ... into the garbage pail. May the meatball rest in peace . . . before it causes me to R.I.P.

  • The Meatrix

  • Take the red pill and watch the critically-acclaimed, award-winning first episode of The Meatrix Trilogy.

  • The Meatrix II

  • Our heroes Moopheus, Leo, and Chickity return in "The Meatrix II: Revolting" to expose the dark side of the dairy industry.

  • The Meatrix II-1/2

  • "The Meatrix II-1/2" takes us to a processing facility, where we learn how we feed our Fast Food Nation.

    What I think of myself determines my success. Do I love myself enough to commit to getting this life-threatening fat off of my body? Am I willing to do what it takes to reach the level of fitness I long for? Seeing myself (in my mind's eye) already having reached my goal is crucial to arriving there! If I have realized anything from my time spent in England is that what I THINK of myself can either cripple me emotionally and mentally -- or make me free. I am the master of what comes to me. As I think of myself, so shall others.