Thursday, September 4, 2008

One Week Till I Hit the Eco-Hippy Fest in Sedona, Arizona - I Know I'll Meet Some Wild, Wacky and Wonderful Folks

Here are some highlights from a newsletter about the event that I just received:

Isn't It Amazing? Only eight days away and we will be communing, yes, re-unioning at one of the most incredible gatherings ever to grace Healthy Living History. The array of presenters is extraordinary! And their content unordinary with over 180 dynamic performances from fascinating health seminars to an incredible line up of music that makes us dance and sing, from a children's parade to profound poetry, from raw vegan demos to open mikes! Ooh la la. Be prepared to giggle, to learn, to awe and wiggle.

A record 275 vendors will be displaying what may be the most intriguing collection of original items to ever behold. Included among them is:

A NEW eclectic delectable array of dozens of raw restaurants - the largest ever
A NEW farmers' market for fresh local produce
A NEW exotic tropical fruit booth
Raw researchers' NEWEST health products
NEW electric scooters, bicycles & cars
NEW solar product displays
An exquisite NEW art garden
NEW raw chocolate emporium
NEW eco-inventions
NEW organic clothing boutiques
A NEW live auction
A NEW silent auction too
Other highlights:

A NEW pie contest
A hug patrol
Speed dating game
Herb walk
Self-guided nature hikes to the caves along the creek
The Sacred Exercise Area is guaranteed to get your yoga and heart beat going
The Children's area returns to the Teepee
Interactive workshops will spice up the Discovery Geo Dome
The NEW centralized Meditation Circle will radiate peace & love through every iota of the venue
The NEW Music-Poetry-Theatre & Dance Stage shall spread waves of tickled bliss
The NEW Five-Minutes-For-Peace Programs (outdoor main stage only) will beam sunshine in our souls
Health care professionals may obtain CEUs (Continuing Educational Units) at the Indoor Main Stage where doctors of many varieties shall delight attentive audiences.
Delicious Gourmet Chefs' Demos and Tastings are to be sampled each hour in the Convention Center
The Sharing Circle Returns Due to Popular Demand
A NEW Early Bird Job Fair will improve many lives
The NEW highly-organized Volunteer Program is impressive
The NEW Investors-Meet-Entrepreneurs Table will catalyze novel businesses and assist others
The Pre-Fest Raw Spirit Business Dinner is the first of this magnitude in our raw-eco-peace community.
And this is only the beginning.

Considering You an Exemplary Raw Spirit, may I share a little-known 'secret' with you? Likely you are aware that The Raw Spirit Festival is a 501c3 educational non-profit. However, do you know its specific mission and vision? The following quote was excerpted from the official bylaws Article 1, Section 1:

PURPOSE: Raw Spirit Festivals comprise what will soon be an international network of "the largest raw vegan, healthy-living, eco-peace festivals on Earth" for charitable, educational and inspirational purposes. The aim is to educate humanity on the health benefits of incorporating more fresh organic fruits and vegetables into one's diet as well as other health-generating practices including: exercise, rest, yoga, meditation, caring for the environment, caring for each other, cultivating inner, family, community and world peace, organic gardening, raw vegan food preparation, expressing oneself creatively through art, music, poetry, theatre, dance, un-cooking, eco-inventions, conscious business, moreover, catalyzing the emergence of a raw-eco-peace economy by providing educational festivals regularly and frequently, as well as supportive community-enhancing programs throughout the year.