Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New Life

New Life
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I love this photo of a plant opening up ... growing ... experiencing new life. I feel like the littlest leaf unfolding in the innermost part of the plant. :-) The lushness of this living thing is amazing to me. Similar to how I'm viewing my ever-changing body ... and mind! And becoming equally as beautiful, if I do say so myself. No accident the photographer entitled this "New Life."

The next two days all I'll be doing will be packing up the remaining things in my present home that I want to either give away or throw away before I make the final move to my new apartment. (My plan is to be in my new place ... sleeping in my own bed ... by August 15th!) I haven't had my own place since I lived in my wonderful Hawaiian "tree house" and I really miss being on my own. (I'll miss my present housemates, yes, but I'll be living so close I can visit anytime I want.) I call the place I lived in Hawaii my "tree house" because it had a roof garden the size of the entire apartment and it was surrounded by a lovely bamboo tree, avocado tree, starfruit tree, mango tree and mandarin oranges and apple bananas (those tiny little ones that are sweet as pie) ... not to mention the lush flowers that grew wild all over Hawaii.

I'm looking forward to the next four days off from work (legal office work, that is) so that I can do some personal work . . . the work of decluttering my life just a little bit more. I'm really enjoying the process too; I think it's due to this phase I'm in . . . how can I make my life more SIMPLE? A big part of that is letting go of stuff. And I mean a LOT of stuff ("the less I have the better" is my new mantra). See the "The Story of Stuff" video I posted a couple days ago. Who knows, it may just inspire you to declutter too.