Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Days 27 and 28: Not so easy-peasy ...

Day 27 (Tuesday): Began the day great with my "power-washer" greens juice. I added a "hit" of wheat grass juice, just one ounce, but potent as all get out. I asked the juice gal to add extra carrot juice so I could down it better, but it wasn't enough to keep the gag reflex from kickin' in (eek). Wheat grass is loaded with amazing things, but still very much an "acquired taste," to put it mildly.

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  • Had a large salad for lunch, too large, I think (I ate beyond full, I'm afraid). I think it's because I'm genuinely missing "normal" food. But I have to remind myself that what is "normal" is only normal because I've eaten it nearly all my life (with the exception of a couple of years macrobiotic). I'm in the process of creating a new normal, my normal, and the testing moments come when I'm longing for those old familiar tastes, smells, textures, etc., of cooked and/or processed foods. I'm keeping the vision of my new self clearly before me: increased stamina, energy, grace, litheness, fitness. A fit bod is beautiful, so that'll just be "icing on the cake." (Even our cultural metaphors are junk-food-related!)

    For dinner I had leftover mushroom soup and some flaxseed crackers and a handful of cashews. Had a few date/nut balls for dessert.

    Day 28 (Wednesday): Made the same mistake I did the other day -- left the house without eating and was famished at the train station; had two buttered rolls instead of fruit. (But I made sure to enjoy them!) At work I had a delicious pink grapefruit that filled me up until a very late lunch at 2:30 p.m., which was a small salad, including a little cold pasta w/ roasted vegetables mixed in.

    For dinner, I think I'll make a simple angel-hair zuccini pesto (made with pine nuts and fresh basil and a drizzle of olive oil). It'll be easy and quick. I want to start experimenting more with different types of foods so that I don't get bored and then give myself a "reason" for reverting back to what's familiar (cooked and highly processed foods).

    Today was an important day in this "going mainly raw" process because I set up several appointments over the next 6 weeks with a "hydrotherapist." For those not in the know, you'll have to look that one up for yourself! But if you want a hint, check out the sidebar info. It has to do with personal housecleaning, if you will.

    Since this is my on-going journal to optimum health, I figured I may as well include all the things I'm availing myself to in the process. Years ago in my mother-earth days, I was a big fan of Norman Walker, one of the early raw food advocates who lived to be 109! It was either he or Herbert Shelton who coined the true but indelicate phrase, "Death begins in the colon." I never forgot it. (Had I heeded it, however, I wouldn't be writing this diary today!) A great book to check out in this regard is Colon Health: The Key to a Vibrant Life, by Norman Walker.

    Here is a link to another of his books that I'm reading now. It's simple and terrific. Norman was a cool guy.
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  • Here's to becoming younger ... one bite, one step, one pedal rotation, one jog, (one colonic) at a time!