Friday, July 6, 2007

Days 101-106 (Sunday-Friday): Karen Knowler has kidnapped me!

The reason I haven't posted here in about a week is that I've been actively involved in an on-line coaching group being run for those who want to take "eating mainly raw foods" to their own personal next level, so to speak. It's probably been one of the best investments of time, energy and commitment I've ever made ... but it's just that -- quite the commitment. So time has been scarce to record here in my "diary." It's entitled "30 Days to Raw Support" and is described as "a fully-supported 30-day group program to help you get from where you are now with your raw food diet to where you want to be."

It incorporates all kinds of great tools to help each person reach their own individually-set goals. Some of the features of the program: an invaluable, information-packed book called "Getting Started in Raw Foods," a companion workbook, and recipe book as well. It also includes a confidential e-group where each participant can post emails, comments, questions, and offer support to one another generally via our own experiences throughout the month. It includes a group coaching conference call (held every Monday evening), that participants can join live, or if they miss it, they can listen later via podcast at a time more convenient to them. It also includes the option of teaming up with one other person in the group -- kind of like a cheerleader for one another. Coincidentally, in an online group of people from such diverse places as England and New Zealand, middle America and the West Coast, I've managed to find a "buddy" right here in NYC.

The theme of the first week is AWARENESS, the second will deal with ENVIRONMENT. It's a great opportunity to really make strides in improving my health, and I'm thankful for having stumbled on it at Karen Knowler's website. She has a marvelous ability to inspire and coach (indeed), and again, I highly recommend her website for anyone who just wants to begin this adventure ... of eating predominantly whole, living foods.

Just five days into the month, I'm already having some ah-ha moments, but what is better, is that I'm seeing noticable positive results.

So ... check out the woman who's got a lot of good things to teach about all this Raw stuff -- but keeps it all simple and doable. That's her "magic"! Do be sure to listen to Karen's welcome message by clicking on the button under her photograph, located on the right-hand side of her home page. It's a wonderful introduction to what you will find at her site -- which I personally think is a veritable "treasure trove" of raw food information.

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  • Aloha for now -- don't know when I'll surface again, but I'd like to remain faithful daily to this blog because it's still a great way for me to stay focused ... and to keep on keepin' on.

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