Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Everyday Green Smoothie Returns! Tomorrow will be Day No. 1 for Me!

I'm about to begin another "green-smoothie experiment" for 30 days. I had been having daily smoothies for a while, but have recently fallen out of the habit, and so with the arrival of Spring I thought I'd get back to it. Beginning tomorrow, it's early to rise so I can do the green smoothie thang. I make enough to last through the morning into the early afternoon -- and then have a dinner open to my imagination -- but it'll be mainly green. These 30 days are going to be all about GREEN!

I'd been planning to do this for a coupla weeks, but a conversation I had today with a dear friend who is dealing with a health challenge has spurred me on. With each green smoothie I have, I'm going to see not only myself -- but my friend as well -- becoming more radiantly healthy!

I came across a list today of many benefits of having green smoothies ... Ode to the Green Smoothie. If you're not convinced by the list ... just challenge yourself to drink one a day for a week and see if you're not convinced then. You WILL be!

Enjoy the music and flowers . . . as you sip your green smoothie!