Sunday, April 22, 2007

Day 32 (Sunday): Here's to brilliant men :-)

WHAT a glorious day today! The weather was heavenly (well, if there's anything remotely like a heaven, I'm sure today -- comparatively speaking -- would actually be drek, but you get the drift.) On top of it all, it seemed to last forever, which always makes a Sunday sweeter, since the work grind starts anew in the a.m.

I did great today, food-wise. During the morning, I had a banana and an orange; for lunch I had the rest of that tabouli salad with some fresh grape tomatoes (that were as sweet as candy); later this afternoon I made a delicious tomato/pinenut pesto that was out-of-this-world (according to Jami, my dear friend and "guinea pig" for all my new recipes) which I put over summer squash pasta (I like that simple meal). I always feel refreshed after eating it, not full but satisfied. Tonight I'm going to have stuffed portabello mushrooms, using an avacado I have that's just about to "turn."

Five areas I plan to improve this month:

(1) daily exercise;
(2) meditation/prayer time;
(3) better preparation of food (planning ahead)
(4) drinking more water;
(5) taking active detoxing steps (i.e., weekly colonics/dry brush massage each evening, and perhaps even a professional massage).

I'll be "grading" myself on each of them weekly. (This blog is all about holding myself accountable, after all.)

Had a great conversation today with an old friend who I hadn't personally connected with in a long while. I have to say, it was one of the best conversations I've had with someone in years. (I've always had a weak spot for bright men, what can I say. Thus, the title of today's post.) :-)

Why do I mention it? ... 'Cause it was the highlight of my day.