Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Being is Becoming

Monarch Butterfly Caterpillar
The butterfly teaches us that patience brings its rewards and as long as
we keep developing ourselves, the final glorious butterfly stage will come.
It is the pure
symbol of transformation and represents change, greater
freedom and courage."
(Healing Choices)

EVERYTHING is in a state of change ... at all times ... for the good or not so good. I think one reason people see life as a gift is because change is possible at all times. (If this is so, why is it such a human tendency to judge others harshly at times ... or even to judge them at all? For the way we are one day most likely will not be the way we are on another.)

The only reason a butterfly emerges is that in the "sticky and yucky" it remained calm, cool and collected. Sticky and yucky gives way to exquisite, velvety wings so spectacular in color and design that all who see the emerging butterfly gape in wonder.

And life is full of change and wonder. Thank God! (I think it's knowing this at one's core that makes loving relationships even possible ... 'cause not accepting that we're all constantly changing -- and most of us for the better, I think! -- may lead us to give up too soon on one another. And yes, I'm speaking from personal experience on this point ... but I also just sense there's a universal truth to it as well.)

... and then, the grand finale:

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