Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Day 9 (Wednesday, 9/26/07): Ireland: 40 Shades of Green

Since I was about 30 years old I had a sense I would spend my honeymoon in Ireland. (I told some friends and family that over the years too.) It doesn't look like I'll traditionally marry in a church service (like the good Irish-Catholic girl I was raised to be), but I still think I'll be honeymooning in Ireland. What I've realized as of late is that it's just not going to be with the guy I thought it might. Sometimes we think we have our lives all figured out -- but as someone once said, "We make our plans and then God laughs" -- or something like that.

Well, God laughed today.

I hope when I finally get to Ireland I'll get to see land that looks as amazing as this!