Friday, April 6, 2007

Days 15-19: "When you are thankful you are never disappointed. " Rev. Run

Well four days have flown by and each was distinct in the lessons being learned along the way, as I attempt to get more in touch with my own body, and what it needs in order to be more healthy. It's why the "thankful" comment as a "theme" for this entry. I'm thankful for the learning coming my way as I read Dr. Graham's book -- he's been living on mainly uncooked food now for 27 years. Amazing, when one thinks of it. But, like I said in my very first post, I'm not doing this to become a "food fascist" (my friend's turn of phrase), but merely to incorporate more and more living foods into my day.

Been thinking some simple stuff lately ... like food in its natural state is easy to eat. And it's also delicious. Today over the course of the morning I had a large green juice, and then from about 10:30 a.m. into early afternoon, I had two bananas, a small orange, and two small kiwis. At 5:30 I had a nice big salad with very little dressing ... and will have another when I get home from work.

Friday through Saturday I had mainly fruit during the day, and in the evening I had my favorite "angel hair pasta" (made of yellow squash and zuccini with a spiral slicer) and a delicious raw marinara sauce.

Yesterday, Easter Sunday, I was invited to a huge family gathering (only it was my good friend's family, not mine) and I sampled a bit of the cooked goods ... some quiche, a salmon mousse too inviting to pass up, and some potato salad and other finger foods. I tried to eat based solely on hunger and not my taste buds, and overall I'd give myself a B-plus in that regard. For Easter, that's a victory for moi. Holidays spent with good friends/family have always been times I've overindulged, so it was a reversal in trend, and I'm proud of myself.

Two important things have come to the fore: (1) I've changed my views on FATS and it's a good thing ... had I not learned what I did in the last week, I'd probably have continued to ingest nearly 40% more fat than is good for me. I've been eating entirely TOO much fat ... in the form of nuts and seeds, avecados and olive oil in my salads. Been munching on raw, dehydrated "crackers" made out of seeds, and too many nuts, thinking that since they're "natural" it doesn't much matter how many I eat! The problem is that they are nearly 100% fat! So I've got that arrested, and just in time, imo. The raw food fans -- many of whose works I've read and re-read -- have that aspect way out of balance, as they make many spreads and pates, etc. out of ground nuts. I'm glad I realized it, as I stumbled on it reading The 80/10/10 Diet. Would've been better had I read it three weeks ago, but I'm glad I know it now.

And Number 2: Activity. I have a terribly sedentary job that keeps me indoors and seated for nearly the entire DAY! Someone like me has to do TWICE as much exercise as I've been doing to offset the effects of lack of movement during the day.

They're both challenges for me at present. But that will turn around. The more I simply reach for fruits when hungry, rather than supposed "healthy" raw "crackers" and nut pates (eek, loaded with high-calorie fats regardless if they are "natural" or not) -- the healthier I'll become.

These two things feel like major course corrections for me at present, things I'll have to give extra attention to. Just shy of three weeks, and I've had my first "ah ha" moments. I knew there would be a learning curve to this, so I'm not disappointed. Feeling thankful, actually.

Learning the hard way, but nevertheless, learning!