Sunday, July 22, 2007

Yorkshire Dales Waterfall

Yorkshire dales waterfall, originally uploaded by ahisgett.

Hull England

WOW ... this sunset in Hull, England looks surreal. Amazing. I'm heading to England in a few weeks or so and I went looking for some photos of where I'll spend most of my time. It'll be in a town called Hull, where my friend lives. From what he tells me, this photo (and the one just below) are probably some of the "prettier" sights of Hull (tee, hee). He says it's not one of the more "desirable" places folks want to live in England. No matter . . . I plan on having a wonderful time -- even doing mundane things like shopping in a Brit market will be fun to me.

Sunset Over River Hull

Sunset Over River Hull, originally uploaded by Alan M-A.

This is where I'm heading in about a month or so . . . to hang out with a friend of mine for a few weeks. I went on line to see if I could find some photos of the town, Hull (England) ... and this was one that caught my eye ... for obvious reasons. Never saw a sunset like this in Hawaii, even! Gorgeous.