Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Month 5 - August

Well, I've completed my "30 Days to Raw" coaching seminar with Karen Knowler and now I'm back and will be recording in my blog again more regularly for the next eight months or so. When the eight months conclude, it will have been a whole year since beginning this "raw food journal." In that time I hope to be gleefully reporting that I've reached all my goals and am happily tooling along a lot more fit, a lot more healthy, and consistently eating primarily raw foods. Actually, it is more than a hope. It is a certainty! I WILL be telling you all about it.

As the landscape photos that I've recently posted show, I plan to be away on vacation for nearly a month beginning August 15th, just eight days from now. Chances are I'll have limited use of a computer -- but I'll manage to pop on here and there, hopefully, during that time.

I wanted to jot down a few highlights of my coaching time with Karen Knowler, but the clock tells me I must run for my train -- so tomorrow I'll get to that! Karen is the "Raw Food Coach" ... and all-around superwoman who is mum to a five-year old and manages to do the work of at least five people ... as you can see if you take a look at her extensive and highly informative website! Click on her link to the right: "Start Here").

Ta-ta for now. More tomorrow.