Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Oracle Says . . .

I was reading the "Health Ranger" Mike Adams' report on The Raw Spirit Festival, 2007 and stumbled on some guru's website ... a section of which was entitled, "The Oracle" :-) Kind of like asking one of those black "Crazy Eight" balls a question, shaking it up, and then watching the answer bubble to the top . . . you ask the "Oracle" a question and click the icon for your answer. These were the "answers":

Do whatever brings you peace; and if that's nothing at all, then do nothing at all. Being in a state of peace is more important than anything else, because it's only from a state of peace that you can see truly the decisions that have to be made and be willing to make them.

Depression comes from lost purpose.

Pain is the strain of refusing Truth.

Honor and respect thyself.

Work is merely the justification for the getting of what you want; it's the wanting that gets it.

What would happen if you stopped trying?

See only innocence.

There's nothing more valuable than silence.

Life is communication with God. This is the life within all things, including you.

Being lost means losing sight of where you want to go.

Where you put your attention determines your state of mind. For best results, put your attention on being clear about exactly what it is that you want.

Change the channel.

By condemning a thing you ensure its presence in your life.

To be safe, desire to hurt no one.

Take a vacation. Step aside and simply be happy. No reason is required. You can do this any time you want to because happiness is what you are.

It's no good trying to free yourself from illusions. Every illusion you have serves a purpose, and only by freeing yourself from that purpose can you be free of the illusion it inspires.

God's will for you is perfect happiness. To defy God, be miserable.

Freedom is the willingness to join.

You're responsible only for what you want.

Entering the present is not painful. It's only your reluctance to enter the present that's painful. You've devoted much of your life to maintaining this reluctance. Be happy, let it go.

You can never be free till you've freed all those you hold imprisoned.

It doesn't matter what you believe, or what anyone else believes either. No belief is truer than any other because all beliefs are just substitutes for the direct experience of reality. Believe nothing. Accept everything.

The 'Last Judgment' is simply the last judgment you will make. After that, you will judge no more and be free.

You can't transcend the rules of the game while having a vested interest in its outcome.

What have you decided?

Discard some of the things you've being carrying around with you.

You are loved.

You are bound by the rules of the world only so long as you believe the world can offer you salvation.

The only true memory is now.

Which is more important . . . being right or being happy?

Be still.

Find someone to forgive.

You criticize most in others what you most fear abides within you.

There's another way of looking at that.

Do you want to hurt or heal?

Freedom is the ability to trust.

Give, share, join.

Who could you set free?

Everything you need will fall in your lap, provided you're not standing up.

Things that are easily understood are quickly forgotten.

When you want only peace, you'll see nothing else.