Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Day 41 (Tuesday): You Learn Something New Every Day!

You know, just when you think you've "got the answer" (no matter what the category of life) be prepared to have the rug pulled out from under you somewhere along the way. The good thing is that often the 'fall' lands you closer to the truth than before.

I've been aware that for the last 40 days, I've been eating about five times the amount of fruit I once ate (and that's a conservative estimate), and all the while I thought it was the healthiest thing I could be doing. But I came across something today that resonated with me in a most unexpected way that has changed my mind. It dawned on me as I listened to the audio talk on fruit (linked below) by the head of the Hippocrates Institute, Dr. Brian Clement.

Ever since reading the 80/10/10 Diet book by the monofruit guy (even though I was shocked at the massive amounts of fruit he was recommending, and inately thought he must be way off base), I figured that eating mainly fruits in the mornings and early afternoons (in a much lesser volume than he) was the best way to go for me. But as I listened to Dr. Clement today, I realized that fruit -- being fructose laden, i.e., sugar laden -- isn't the best thing at all for me to be eating (in the volume that I have been eating it)!

Talk about another course correction! Well, I did know this was going to be an experiment so I shouldn't be too surprised that my "apple" cart has been flipped upside down. If one considers inventors ... specifically, Thomas Edison, it's easy to see that it takes a LOT of "experimenting" to get it right.

Anyway, the audio clip below says it all. The real amazing thing I learned was that about 80 percent of the kinds of fruits we have today didn't even exist a hundred years ago. THAT should tell us something in itself! Another astounding thing I learned was that it is hybridization practices that account for a 30-percent increase in the sweetness of fruits today over what they were just a hundred years ago. In other words, man has tampered with fruits such that they are pumping 30 times more sugar into our systems than what Nature designed our bodies to handle!

Learning this is pretty shocking. When I decided to go "mainly raw" I looked forward to eating "as much fruit as I liked" thinking it would diminish or eliminate entirely any "cravings" for sweets/desserts. Now I discover that is not to be. Onward I press. To optimum health for moi! (I love how when we want the truth, it unfolds in simple ways when we are ready to receive it. It's always just waitin' on US. Things just come together perfectly. I received my first "e-zine" from the Fresh Network this morning, and voila ... there was Dr. Clement's lecture. Delivered right to me.)

So I shall correct course once again. More greens and less fruits (less sweets). My body will LOVE it.

  • Fruit, Weakness and Disease

  • At any rate, today I ate one banana before arriving at work; during the morning I ate 3/4 of a large cantelope. Then I heard the lecture on the effects of too much fruit eating! In the late afternoon, I had a large salad. In the evening at home, I had a small salad with a side portion of soba noodle/peanut salad.