Tuesday, November 6, 2007

November 6, 2007: Sunlight through the Shadows

All of us have had deep disappointments regarding relationships in our lives -- at least if we've dared to risk and reach out to connect with another, to see if there is a lasting love or friendship -- only to watch the prospect of both die on the vine. The days that follow close behind can be some of the saddest ones we know. I've been in one of those periods recently -- still am actually -- but today I'm starting to see glimpses of sunlight amidst the shadows, and I'm thankful for the light coming in.

Today was a great day in terms of my fitness plan and goals. Made a great green smoothie for breakfast, had a lovely salad for lunch and a nutritious dinner. One day at a time, little black dress, here I come!

Gotta boogie for now.