Friday, May 18, 2007

Day 58 (Friday): Russian Italian Waiters

After investing too much money in a Green Star juicer (top of the line), I've decided that my Breville is just fine -- and since I'm not going to be doing concentrated juicing for months at a time as planned and won't need the better one -- I'll ship it back for a refund (it's still in the box). Oy vey, the hassles of getting healthy!

Coming home from work the other day on the train, I met the owner of an organic farm not too far from where I live (relatively). She said they're about to open their raspberry patch to the public soon -- pick as you go. That will be cool -- as raspberries (along w/ blueberries and blackberries) are some of the most nutritious things on the planet, but I stear clear of them cos they nearly always have tons of pesticides on them. I guess it's cos all kinds of animals (besides hungry bugs) love to eat berries.

Today a few of us took a friend out for lunch for her birthday. She chose an Italian restaurant (there wasn't an Italian waiter to be found in the place -- or American for that matter -- ours was from Russia with an accent impossible to understand). I opted for the eggplant parmagian -- minus the cheese and pasta it came with -- and I passed on the bread. I sipped a great glass of vino instead and enjoyed the simple meal.

This evening I'll grab a green juice on the way to the train -- and later this evening who knows -- I'll play it by ear. A fruit smoothie sounds good.

Well, I'm boring myself to tears here ... time to hit the road.

Check out Karen Knowler's recipe for almond milk. Easy, peasy. I'm going to try this over the weekend. You need a killer blender for making nut milks, though. If you click to the right on YouTube, she has a few other good recipe demos as well.

  • Karen Knowler Makes Almond Milk