Saturday, April 21, 2007

Day 31 (Month 2 begins): Wheat grass and tabouli don't mix

This morning, through the course of a few hours, I nibbled on a whole cantelope. Delicious. I took a drive to my favorite health food store, Mrs. Greens, this afternoon to get some groceries for the upcoming week. The ride is beautiful, along the Hudson River, and the weather was perfectly spring-ish -- sun blazing, clear blue sky, perfect temps with an ever-so-slight breeze blowing. New life bursting out everwhere, and I'm psyched to be starting month number 2 of my mainly-raw "experiment."

At Mrs. Greens, I got an extra large greens drink with a shot of wheat grass ("yuck" is all I can say). I made the mistake of mixing it a little while later with some fresh tabouli for lunch. They did not do well together in my stomach AT ALL and I felt nausious all the way home. I live; I learn.

Tonight I'll be making stuffed portabello mushrooms and a little summer squash "pasta" with pine-nut/basil pesto ... IF I'm hungry. If not, I'll have the remaining tabouli. It's Eastenders night ... and I'm exhausted, but I'll stay awake for another two hours just to see it, 'cause I'm hooked.

All in all, I'm pleased with how the day went. Off to read the rest of Norman Walker's Become Younger. The guy writes so simply -- wish he were still around today to teach folks a few things; his kind of simplicity is a rarity among health gurus today. It seems there are so many voices out there trying to outdazzle each other with all their seminars, "certification programs", books, DVDs, CDs, and assortment of the latest "super nutrient" and enzyme powders, pills, etc., they are pushing (If the food is "alive," why does one even need all these "enzyme" products people peddle, I wonder? But if one is overdoing it on the desserts and pates and "burgers" etc. which are all made with intense amounts of fatty nuts and seeds, one may end UP needing to take outside "enzymes" to digest it all! Sort of sounds like it's defeating the purpose.) I find a lot of the raw food "oldies" to be the most helpful. There's a simple balance to be maintained ... and I hope I'm smart enough to know what it is for my bod.

Lesson of the day: Thou shalt not mix wheat grass juice with anything but other veggie juices (at least for about 4 hours after downing it)!