Friday, July 20, 2007

Days 107-120 (Two Weeks)

I've been missing this blog of mine, so I thought I'd pop in and give an update. I'm now on Day 19 of "30 Days to Raw" -- an online group being coordinated by Karen Knowler (known online as "The Raw Food Coach") for people who wanted a little coaching assistance to develop better eating habits by incorporating more raw foods into their days. It's been eye-opening on a number of fronts. Today I'll just bring attention to one of those things. It has to do with eating when hungry ... as opposed to ANY other reason! Karen wrote about it in a recent blog entry, and she does the topic better justice than I could at present, so check it out:

  • "Go For the Raw Burn"

  • One new food I've discovered that I look forward to experimenting with over the weekend are what they call "young coconuts." Apparently the coconut water and the "meat" (or jelly) within make a delicious, nutrient-dense base for fruit smoothies. I got two of them on sale the other day at this great green grocer I discovered not far from home. Now I just have to figure out how to open them! Someone in the "30 Days" group just today posted a website that shows exactly how. For the adventurous ... take a look.

  • How to Open Up Young Coconuts

  • And here's a video of one brave soul wielding a clever to open one! (Dare I give it a try? Yup. This weekend.)

  • Here's to Steady Hands ... and keeping one's distance whilst opening a young coconut