Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ahhhh.... just thought I'd go off to Lanikai Beach today.

And this is probably as close as I'll get to it for a while ... :-( I had the pleasure of living here for six years of my life and made some beautiful friends who are like family to me still. God is very good to me!

Well ... I'm humming along nicely on my raw adventure ... and I'm looking forward to having my very own kitchen soon (not having to share one stealthily so as to avoid running into housemates!) Having my own kitchen will be a turning point in terms of being much more versatile in what I can "uncook" for myself. I'll be making many more lunches to bring to work and saving a ton of $$ doing so ... that's one great benefit. Also, I'll be much more inspired to try new things because the cleanup will be so handy ... as opposed to schlepping up a huge flight of steps to get to a sink (as is the case in the place I'm in the process of moving out of).

So ... good things on the horizon with regard to not only food prep ... but having a bike handy and room for my mini-tramp right outside my door on the patio! I'm in training for a big hiking trip I'll be making in the early Summer of '09. It'll be the biggest physical challenge I've ever taken on -- but it'll probably be one of the best adventures I'll ever experience. I haven't decided yet, but the hike is a toss-up between biking (and hiking) in Ireland (County Mayo, of course) . . .

With Lough Nafooey (Loch na Fuaiche) in the background. (On the borders of counties Galway & Mayo)

. . . or hiking across three English National Parks for a total of about 190 miles from the Irish to the North Sea

North of St. Bees on day 1 of the walk . . . Coast-to-Coast Walk Across
England . . .
St. Bees to Robin Hood's Bay

Of course, the perks of this hike would be getting to meet new foks in pubs and B&B's each night! Not to mention some very firmed-up quadriceps! Both adventures are a far cry from Lanikai ... but just for today, I'm ever so thankful I had the chance to live at that beautiful beach town for so many years.