Thursday, May 10, 2007

Day 50 (Thursday): Oh Happy Day ... New Crossroads

I'm feeling very happy today. One reason is sorta personal. Another reason is that I find myself at an exciting crossroads. Little did I realize when I began down this road 50 days ago that it would lead me here -- on the threshold of starting a 92-day fast (feast!) on fresh vegetable and fruit juices. I can only conclude that by eating mainly raw foods these last 50 days -- virtually eliminating 95% of the cooked foods, dairy, refined flour, refined sugar, and chicken and beef I was used to eating -- I was paving the way for this next step. If someone had told me 7 weeks ago that I'd be embarking on this, I'd have said they were nuts!

Many years ago (1979) I did an 8-day vegetable broth "fast" after reading Paavo Airola's "How To Get Well". I was living in Southern California at the time and I was a "nomad for Jesus" ... a long story! I remember after day three that my clarity and energy levels rose considerably; by Day 8 I felt almost high. Then I began on solid foods again. I never really got to experience the full benefits of detoxing because solid food was reintroduced (I've since realized) prematurely, before the cell-dumping process could fully kick in.

So the next four days will be spent in preparation for this new terrain on my 'road' to health. In my first post here, I said I was aiming at regaining the health of that 23 year old of 30 years ago. It's interesting (and I don't think mere coincidence) but last night as I was reading Angela Stokes' Juice Feasting Handbook, I read that one of the claims of this 92-day program is that for each day of juicing one sheds 120 days of toxicity! Just for the heck of it, I multiplied 92 days by 120 days and guess what? It came out to a little over 30 years! It's designed to release the body of over 30 YEARS of toxicity. How's that for being exactly what I set out to do! To lop 30 years off of my 53! I love it. See, we don't EVER have to figure out all the "hows" of getting where we want to go ... we just have to intend, decide, and set sail (take action) in the direction we want to go.

Now, I'm realistic and I know I will not get back in every respect the body I had when I was 23. But I'm going to get as near to it -- inside and out -- as I possibly can! It'll take time and effort -- and more months than just the next three -- but I'm heading there. (Wherever "there" is! Oh, that's right ... "here" is actually WITHIN "there.") I'm reminded of Norman Walker, who lived to be 109 -- some say even older -- who wrote the book, "Become Younger," when he was a very middle-aged man!

Here are some interesting links for anyone wanting to know more about this cleansing/detoxing method:

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  • A Silly Song About the Periodic Table: The Elements by Tom Lehrer
  • Relevance? Mineral density is key in juicing. :-)

    Today I had only water in the morning and in the afternoon, a large salad of romaine lettuce, croutons and two baked vegetable burgers (that actually tasted great -- not like bland shoe leather). Tonight I'll have my raw pasta dish made from summer squash and zuccini.

    There are loads of things I need to gather together for the juice feast, so I'll prepare my list tonight. Hopefully, my new juicer will arrive by Monday.

    Outta here.