Saturday, May 19, 2007

Day 59 (Saturday): Autumn in New York!

Wow... it has gotten quite chilly here in the Big Apple the past coupla days. Today it feels like autumn -- cold and rainy with the sun teasing us a bit here and there by coming out blazing and then disappearing behind huge billowy gray storm clouds. Guess I'll be nixing the sun-lolling out on the lanai. :-)

I came across Jinjee's blog today -- Jinjee is a mother of four who, at 40, is now expecting her fifth child, and has been eating raw foods for loads of years. Her hubbie is in his mid 50's and is mucho healthy, having eaten raw for about 30 years now (I think!). Anyway, I really like Jinjee -- she has a hippie soul -- and is always open to learning, growing, embracing new things, etc. I'd like to meet her some day.

Anyway, here's her blog and some amazing photos of her and hubbie hiking -- whilst she "lets it all hang out," so to speak ... she's quite pregnant! I think it's beautiful.

  • Jinjee's "Celebration of Life" Blog