Friday, June 1, 2007

Day 72 (Friday): Good day to start a weekend

For some reason, I'm quite thrilled it's Friday today. Just sick of office work, I suppose.

Well, today I decided to have my cooked meal in the morning. I had a buttered roll at the train station, and about mid-morning had a mini-quiche (the size of my palm) and a half slice of pecan-topped French toast ... with no syrup. All quite yummy. For lunch my friend took me out to her favorite salad place; except for a bit too much olive oil/vinegar dressing, it was delicious.

I'm about to head out for home and for dinner will have whatever I can rustle up from the fridge.

Today's website is one of my favorites, Rhios Raw Energy:

  • Rhio's

  • Despite humidity and possible rain in the forecast for tomorrow, I'm planning to attend my niece's daughter's softball game about an hour's drive north of me at 10:30 a.m. I'm looking forward to it -- as I don't get to see my sister and niece & family very often.

    Off to the train :-)