Monday, June 25, 2007

Days 93-95 (Saturday-Monday): Simplicity!

green fresh 青々, originally uploaded by Watari Goro 渡五郎.

This weekend I did well -- raw food-wise, but what I noticed is that the raw food I prepare for myself is simpler than the raw food bought in take-out restaurants, usually less dense and caloric. I had zucchini "lasagna" prepared at Pure Food & Wine's take-out (purchased two portions which I ate over the weekend). I noticed that the food was extremely dense and filling -- in that the "meat sauce," the basil and tomato pesto sauces found in the layers of the lasagna all have nuts as the base ingredient. The "meat" sauce has pine nuts, the tomato sauce has cashews and the green pesto sauce is made from pistachios. Thus there are a lot of added calories. Probably why it was also so filling. Lesson from buying the take-out: detoxing happens best if I stay simple and make most of my own food.

Today, Monday, I had a green juice for breakfast -- spinach, celery, cucumber, kale and apple -- and for lunch I had a large salad w/ a vinaigrette dressing. Tonight I'll raid the fridge and see what appears. Heading out to catch the daylight.

I love all this added daylight!