Thursday, August 14, 2008

God is Alive ... Magic is Afoot!

For some reason ... over more than several months now, the title of this old Buffy song (I used to listen to her for hours on end -- much to my father's despair!) has been popping in and out of my mind. So I thought I'd post it here today. For years I was involved in a Jesus group that gradually evolved into an evangelical type (later-turned) cult. I thought that magic was a 4-letter word back then because that was the party line teaching. I'm not so sure now. I wonder if it isn't just another word for the wonders of an ineffable God ... who I cannot ever know w/ my mind ... but only via my true self ... the one I was made to be BY that indescribable Life, that Ineffable One, so often referred to as God. (Indescribable because of Its brilliance ... brilliance to the infinite power, if you will and that It is beyond all any mind could comprehend.) Hmmmm.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the classic voice of one of my early heros, Buffy St. Marie.

While I'm in a Buffy mood -- "Love Lift Us Up Where We Belong"

And this one I just stumbled on. Since it's sort of become my theme song lately, I figured I'd throw it up here too. I don't know where this was filmed (from the waving Union Jacks it must be in Merrie Ole somewhere. Call me simple, but this song for me says it all. Think it'll be my wedding song! (Oooh, inspiration. Love it when that happens.)