Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2007: "Green for Life" by Victoria Boutenko

Since returning from my month in England, I've been seeking some serious guidance as to the fastest way possible to regain the health and weight I'd like. Yes I know the simple answer: diet and exercise. But something told me I was missing something. That there was a huge blind spot somewhere. I'd ordered this book a week or so ago and I'm 75% through it. For the remaining time on this blog I'll be reporting on my experience w/ "green smoothies" ... as I suspect that what I'm learning from this book may just be that missing piece.

GREEN FOR LIFE by Victoria Boutenko

What's wild is that I was chatting with my sister over the weekend. She said she and her hubby had started the Zone Diet, and we got to talking in general about it. Through the course of our conversation a ligh-bulb went on in my head ... about (of all things) Chimpanzees. I got the thought that if Chimps are so close genetically to us, why are we not eating like them? I mentioned it to her and we both laughed out loud ... but had a sort of "ah-ha" moment too.

I'd just received "Green For Life" in the mail the day before but hadn't begun reading it yet. In fact, I brought it to show my sister and I started reading it that night. Low and behold, the author opens the book talking about Chimps and their diets ... and how she wrote the book after doing research on them! She wrote that eating an abundance of greens is what is mainly missing from the human diet -- but that they were once very much a part of it ... just like chimps' diets. This time it wasn't just one light bulb that came on ... it was kinda like a broadway marquee. So tomorrow I start incorporating green smoothies into my days.

Today I fasted for breakfast (just some water and tea), had a large salad for lunch (and some pumpernickel bread), and had my first green smoothie, which for the first time out of the gate was pretty good.

Naomi's First Green Smoothie:

1 banana
1 pear
1/2 nectarine
large handful romaine lettuce
large handful parsley
1/8 English cucumber
1-1/2 cups water