Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The wait continues . . . and Reconnecting with my "Inner Rita"

I'm so thrilled about my impending Irish Citizenship! (Unfortunately, the backlog at the NY Consulate is continuing to delay that celebration ... possibly until next summer. :-( But, hey, I won't have enough vacation time accrued until then anyway ... and summer IS a beautiful time to be in Ireland . . . so all is well to plan.)

On a whole other note, as is obvious, my blogging here has slowed to a near standstill ... but I'm keeping up w/ another, more private, journal/blog ... documenting my progress as a motivated leafeater, mover and shaker. It's a personal journey for now ... and when I'm EXACTLY where I want to be in my transformation, I'll take it public.

And finally, for those family and friends who may be scratching their heads in curiosity about my Rita Hayworth video (known to me as my "Inner Rita" video) -- of her and Fred Astaire dancing together (posted a few entries back), don't think you've been left out of the loop. No, I'm not engaged. And no, I'm not even dating a special someone.

See, the "someone" I posted that video for was ME.

I love that video, and posted it the way I did because I've finally tapped into my own "inner Rita" ... that terrific beauty that's always been there ... hidden for a lot of years. Until I came home to myself ... as my own best friend and love, I couldn't seem to break through a bunch of unresolved inner "stuff" ... and I felt stuck for quite a while. But no longer.

So you see, I finally DID find "someone." I just never expected that the someone would be me. Who knew? :-)

And on that note ... here's another "Inner Rita" moment ... for all you women out there who are on a transformational "road trip" that's meandered over some rough terrain. My words to you -- Never give up!