Thursday, April 19, 2007

Day 29: A New Birthday for Moi

Thirty years ago today was the saddest day of my life. Without going into detail as to why, let me say very clearly that Providence has turned that sorrowful event into good. Since today begins a whole new 30-year cycle, I feel as if I am being born all over again. Dramatic, I know, but nevertheless quite true. (Mystics and such say 30-year cycles are extremely significant in people's lives.) A new beginning is probably one of the most beautiful things we humans can give ourselves, and we don't have to wait for 30-year cycles to do it, either. It just so happens that for me the 30 years thing happens to coincide with this recent decision I've made to love myself enough to become as healthy as I can.

As I approach the one-month mark, my feelings about this undertaking are all over the place:

I feel confident and assured that I'll become the fittest I possibly can become;

I feel joy and thankfulness for the commitment to do it, a gift in and of itself;

I feel free as a child because I can see how to have FUN with it all;

I feel proud because it's an accomplishment I once nearly despaired of achieving.

Now back to the mundane food diary! Today I was smarter than yesterday, and made sure I ate something before I left home this morning! I stumbled on this yesterday and saw how truly SIMPLE it is to eat living food that is delicious. What you'll see in this video took me about 1-1/2 minutes to make this morning (I used strawberries instead of blueberries). How simple could it get?

  • Makin' A Smoothie

  • This simple little "meal" was delicious. In late morning I had two small bananas. I had a late lunch at about 2:45 of spinich and mesclun greens with a medium piece of broiled salmon on top. Yummy. Tonight I'll spiral out some "fresh pasta" (made of summer squash) and use the leftover pesto sauce from last night as a topping. I even have some Rawmesein "cheese" made from nuts to sprinkle on top. It's a simple life, but I have to ask myself, Who's got it better than me?

    Today, in honor of my lovely daughter, I'm posting a lullaby I first sang to her the day she was born ... the very same lullaby my mother sang to me. And to my daughter I say THANK YOU for inspiring me over the last seven years to take the paths that have led me back home to myself!

  • Toora Loora Loora