Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Staying "Forever Young" ... or how to simplify, simplify, simplify!

I haven't visited this blog in over a month -- but all is well in Naomi's world. Just completed another move (within about 7 months of the last one ... boring story not worth discussing) and feel as if my 2009 goal of "Simplify! Simplify! Simplify!" is being taken to a whole new level. By the time I'm finished settling in, I'll be down to about a THIRD of what I owned when I originally packed my things for this latest move, and I'm thrilled. My goal is to have only books that I love and will reference again, only ONE of any item (that's something other than clothing), and in general to have fewer possessions than I have ever had. Anything I keep will be something that inspires beauty, or is useful, or clearly contributes to people's well-being.

About the featured YouTube song, Forever Young, been thinking lately about just what that means, as the song has always appealed to me. And it's not because I see aging as a bad thing, either ... aging is simply one's life unfolding so it cannot really be a bad thing. But "forever young" is such a soul attitude, knowing there is still so much to see, do and become. In other words, living with a child-like mindset of unlimited possibilities despite how our bodies are changing with time.

So enjoy Joan's sweet version of this Dylan classic ... and live FOREVER YOUNG today!