Monday, November 5, 2007

November 5, 2007: Cleaning Out the Old. Finally!

I've been counting on a promise lately that there is a "purification" process I'm in ... and so images of crystal drops of water, splashing waterfalls, etc. have been catching my attention. Today, this simple photo of a kid delighting in clear, clean water at the shoreline -- just the playful innocence of it -- drew me in.

One of the ways I'm feeling this "purification" is that on every level I seem to want to just "dump the junk" that I've been carrying with me for way too long -- on every level -- but mostly emotionally and physically. They say there are "cellular memories" we keep locked in our bodies that are attached to emotional trauma or abuse -- and I'm ready to offload all of mine!

"Declutter" on every level -- that's what I want. We clean a clogged, gunky container by pouring clean, fresh, water in for however long is necessary to overpower and flush out the drek. That's exactly what it'll take for my body and mind to be "decluttered" -- purified. As long as I keep putting good things in -- eventually, the yucky stuff will find it's way out. Housecleaning beginning in my very cells is what I'm after. An inside-out kinda thing. Physically and mentally.

This morning I drank lots of water and had two bananas throughout the morning. Lunch was a medium salad of spinach, mesclun greens, tomatoes, red peppers, mushrooms and olives w/ a vinaigrette. Dinner will be a chopped kale and avocado salad, w/ a bit of freshly made summer squash "pasta" w/ raw maranra sauce.

I'm going to "declutter" a bit in my closet and dresser -- a little each day is all I need do -- and call it an early night.

Here's a little info sheet on chia seeds, courtesy of Angela Stokes. Chia seeds are one of those foods I've learned will help my thyroid get restored/rebalanced. Sea vegetables also help a lot. The only other time I ever heard of chia seeds was that god-awful "Chia Pet" that was popular years ago -- remember that? -- "chi-chi-chi-chia"! They were super-popular (like the pet rock was) for about a year! Behold the mighty chia seed:

Chia Seeds