Friday, June 8, 2007

Day 79 (Friday): Really Glad It's Friday!

I don't know if it's the weather ... or if it's because I'm happily anticipating my vacation to England coming up in August ... but I'm finding myself increasingly more and more "restless" these days about having to come to WORK every day! (Kinda like when kids get impatient about some fun thing they know is coming up.) Anyway, that's how I'm feeling lately.

Today so far has been like I'd never even HEARD of "raw food eating"! The only thing raw I ate was a nectarine! But I heard a wonderful quote today that I'm adopting as a mantra for myself when it comes to this whole transition time that I'm in regarding healthy living: It was liberating. It's from David Wolfe. He said, "This is what I'm into: I EAT WHAT I WANT, WHEN I WANT, WITH WHOM I WANT, WHERE I WANT, AS MUCH AS I WANT, ANY TIME OF THE DAY OR NIGHT, WITHOUT GUILT, FEAR, OR SHAME!" Isn't that the best?! Love it. The key words being guilt/fear/shame. Those three have been a deadly trio in my life. No more.

For website of the day, I thought I'd highlight a recipe page from a website I like called "From SAD to RAW." Michelle has a ton of very simple raw food recipes and links at the end to other people's recipe pages as well. It's extensive.

  • From SAD to RAW Recipe Page

  • Well, that's it for today.