Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Days 4, 5 and 6: Strawberries and Dandelion Greens? Hmmm.

Well, the last three days were smoothie days, but on Tuesday I had my smoothie for dinner rather than for breakfast and lunch. I made three different one, and two out of three were quite tasty:

Monday: pear, banana, sprouts and parsley
Tuesday: kiwi, banana, kale and spinach
Wednesday: strawberries, kiwi, dandelion greens and spinach (This one was quite a challenge!) I learned that strawberries and greens will be for me an "acquired taste." One I probably won't acquire any time soon.

I'm really enjoying a blog of a woman from Tulsa, Oklahoma, Penni, who I met at a dinner here in NYC recently after an all-day event called "Successfully Raw." Check out her blog here, Real Juice Daily . . . it's terrific. She just hit her half-way point of a 92-day juice "feast" ... and it's really wild stuff. She's an excellent writer ... and at the invitation of the guys that head up "We Like It Raw" has been asked to dicuss the changes she's going through -- mentally, physically, spiritually -- and write about it during their week devoted to Women. You can read her informative article here, entitled Pressing the Reset Button.

Some day I'll take on that fasting challenge . . . probably within the next six to eight months, actually. When I'm in my new apartment and I finally have a kitchen that is ALL MY OWN I'll be able to keep my GreenStar juicer on the counter and really give it all I've got. Until then ... the blended green-smoothies will do the trick for moi.

Today is my wonderful daughter's 31st birthday . . . and I'm thankful she is a part of my life. Happy Birthday, Liz!! This video is posted here in your honor - she is one of the folks just wildly adventurous enough to leap out of a plane and form this amazing diamond in the sky:

It's Magic

Until tomorrow ... keep a spring in your step: treat yourself to a green smoothie!