Thursday, June 14, 2007

Day 85 (Thursday): Nectarines, Peaches and Plums, oh my.

Summer is great for many reasons. One of them is ripe, delicious fruit of all kinds -- but my favorite has to be peaches. Today I had two peaches for breakfast and they were delicious. For lunch I had a cafeteria salad (small portion of salmon on a bed of mesclun & romaine greens w/ roasted asparagus, cherry tomatoes and a light caesar dressing with sprinkled parmesian and a half a handful of croutons). Trés bon.

I'm looking forward to the weekend -- going to a family bash on Saturday, one of my older cousins is retiring (after thirty years at the same bank!) and also celebrating her birthday (she's a birthday freak). She's throwing a huge catered bash w/ DJ and all the trimmings. I happen to love my cousins, aunts, etc. (of which there are many) -- and in particular this cousin -- and so I'm looking forward to a great evening. The birthday girl, Eileen, also has a lot of zany friends, so it should not be dull. Sunday I may head up to my buddy's farm in the country ... she and her family are like family to me and I miss them. It's been a while since I've visited. I'll have to keep sight of my vision and goals for health -- as there will be loads of food at both places that really have no place in the human body (!) ... well, at least not this human's bod. I'll be sure to enjoy the food despite the gauntlet (a/k/a buffet table) I'll have to get by!

Today's online feature is a recipe demonstraton by Matt Amsden, author of Rawvolution and owner of the Euphoria Cafe in Santa Monica, California:

  • Soft Walnut Taco w/ Tomato Salsa - Part 1

  • Soft Walnut Taco w/ Tomato Salsa - Part 2

  • Out of work at 5:30 tonight ... to catch the daylight and maybe a bike ride. Aloha!