Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Days 5 and 6: Off to the Ashram ... Not!

Day 5: Well yesterday was remarkable in its unremarkability. I enjoyed my usual green drink for breakfast and did the big salad thing for lunch. Had to run down to the East Village to get a few items at my favorite hippie/raw food/save-the-world store and then headed home. What I noticed is just how satisfied I can be on food that's alive. I wasn't even hungry for dinner! About 9:00 p.m. I had a few crackers made from flax seeds and Italian seasonings and a handful of raisens and nuts. That was it.

By the way, that green drink is loaded: juice from kale, spinich, cucumber, parsley, celery and carrot. It is amazingly filling ... because it's nutrient dense. I happen to actually like the taste of it too. One reason a person overeats is because literally the body is still "searching" for the nutrients it needs. Give it the nutrients it needs and the body whispers (in a sense), "I'm fine ... don't need anything else right now."

Day 6: It's noon, I've had two bananas for breakfast and am about to do the green drink thing for lunch. I have to say, I feel a bit "spacey" in a good way about a half hour after downing one of those. I can almost feel good things going on inside my cells. That may sound very weird, but it's true when it comes to fresh vegetable juice. It's because it's so concentrated and liquid easily gets assimilated into the bloodstream -- kinda like drinking booze on an empty stomach, only it doesn't kill off your brain cells!

Speaking of killing off brain cells -- glial cells (I think that's the name for brain cells, if I remember my anatomy and physiology class) are the only ones in the body that don't reproduce themselves, and they're killed off by booze. Actually, that fact wasn't learned in my A & P class; I read it about 30 years ago in a Reader's Digest article, I am Joe's Brain (pancreas, kidney, etc., each month they featured a different part of "Joe's" body.) I remember 'cause I used to hang out at The Marine House up in Kilburn in London, and threw back my share of some pretty potent concoctions with the Embassy Guard. After I read that article I adopted a two-drink limit! It was a drastic decision ... that I only occasionally threw to the wind. Never realized till now that I have Reader's Digest to thank for this well-preserved brain of mine. Who'da thunk?

For dinner, had a scrumptious salad with about 10 different veggies in it (and a sliced, hard-boiled egg). I gingerly opened the seal on a dark bottle of "raw organic extra virgin olive oil" (yup, the price was sky-high, but the bottle will last over a month of salads) ... made a simple dressing with it, lemon and apple cider vinegar. What I'm really most surprised about is how satisfied I am eating mainly just vegetables at meals. I'm starting to feel almost a light-headedness at times during the day ... like something is shifting ... but I haven't a clue what that something is just yet. Time will tell. So far it's been easy-peasy. I suppose anything done for six days would be. I'll take easy any day, though.