Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Day 21 - Fancy Raw Food Fest

This morning I had a banana on the train into work and then had an apple mid-morning. Had a large salad for lunch and another banana and pear in the afternoon. Tonight I think I'll have what I brought home in my "doggie bag" from last night.

A buddy of mine and I met up for dinner downtown last night at the premier raw foods restaurant in NYC, a place called

  • Pure Food & Wine

  • Been wanting to check out their organic wine, and it was very, very good. I went mainly, though, to sample their delectable, all-live-food concoctions (see menu at website for just how intricate some of these are). It was a real treat, a once-a-year sorta deal for me, a "special occasions" kinda place. The prices were sky-high, but so was the food, i.e., out of this world.

    The food was very rich and yet afterward neither of us felt uncomfortably full. And it seemed that I could feel it affecting my body in a good way. I have to say, as we had our "dessert" -- we created quite a scene (think Meg Ryan in the coffee shop with Billy Crystal in When Harry Met Sally!) Suffice it to say that the two women next to us ordered the very same dessert we had based solely on our response! If I were a food critic, I'd have given this place five stars.

    Well, enough FOOD talk for one post ...

    Overall, after three weeks, how am I doing? I'm still psyched, still joyful, still confident this is the path to full health for me. It's becoming more "normal" with each passing day.