Saturday, April 14, 2007

Days 23 and 24: A Little Bump in the Road

Day 23 (Friday): This was the first day I wasn't psyched about how I "did" overall. I made the mistake of skipping breakfast at home (woke up late and rushed out of the house). Since I'd eaten somewhat lightly the night before, I was ravenous by the time I hit the train station. I had two buttered rolls -- one onion and one poppy seed -- at the station. The first bread I've had in over three weeks. During the day I had a small dark chocolate/mint bar a friend had in her office and offered me. Except for those two things, I did terrific -- had a good bit of fruit and a great salad! What WAS good is that I spent zero time in self-criticism. I just enjoyed in the moment the things I ate ... which I think is pretty darn smart and healthy! :-)

Day 24 (Saturday): Eating very lightly today ... feeling very, very tired and sorta "detoxy" ... skin breaking out, a sense of exhaustion even though I've had 8 hours sleep. And feeling very bluesy too. Ho hum, as they say. All part of the process, from what I've read. Things may get better as the day progresses. Made sure to get out today and do some deep breathing on the deck and some stretches. This bod is definitely going through good changes ... just trying to help it along.