Friday, October 5, 2007

Friday, October 5, 2007: When It Rains Think Flowers!

Flowers in the autumn, originally uploaded by cabbagezs.

Today I fasted all day at work until 3:30 and then went with a good friend to our favorite watering hole, Houston's in the Citicorp Building. Had a bowl of soup, a salad w/ lean chicken breast, and a glass of merlot. Tonight I'll have a pint or so of green smoothie made with swiss chard, parsley, romaine, banana and pear.

Nothing energetic scheduled for the weekend except cleaning my house, walking, taking a bike ride or two, and some new and exotic green smoothie experimentation. I was invited to my cousins' beach house, but I'm not up to the drive to Long Beach Island this weekend. Just too weary from a rather emotionally draining week to be on the road for a couple of hours each way. I plan to sleep a LOT, and stayin' close to home is what I need.

Till tomorrow.